Leave a legacy

When you support KLIFE you are investing in the future generation of Christian leaders. KLIFE prepares young men and women to live a life for Jesus and become disciple makers. We see students go off every year to college prepared to stand up for Jesus and teach others about Him. By investing in KLIFE you are a part of a ripple effect for generations to come. When one student understands discipleship the impact they can have is unable to be measures. 

Check out just some of the ways you can support KLIFE below.


entire annual budget

With this generous gift you will allow KLIFE to fully operate for an entire year. We will be able to use other funds to reach students and families in need as well as plan for growth in the future.

One Time - $135,000

one month - $11,250



Give towards our weekly Klubs for students in 3rd-12th grade. Super K(elementary) and Klub(junior and senior high) is a high energy time of fun, fellowship, games, worship, and a relevant message from a staff member!

One Week - $750

One Month - $3000


Adopt a Small Group

With this gift you will allow a small group to meet for an entire year! Small groups meet weekly at the KLIFE House and other places in Atlanta to dig into God's Word, grow in thier walk with Jesus and hold each other accountable.

One Group - $2,000

monthly - $166


Staff ministry expenses

Our staff spend countless hours each week pouring into students and volunteers. Whether it's over a meal, ice cream or coffee, this gift allows them to invest in students well. 

Meals w/ Volunteers - $50/month

Meals w/ Students - $200/month

Cell Phones - $150/month

Gas - $100/month

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Full-time staff training

Atlanta KLIFE staff receive training year round at different conferences and retreats. This will help them continue to be equipped to invest in the students.

Annually - $2,400

Monthly - $200


House/Office Needs

Want to keep the lights on, printer stocked and the power running as well as cover our liability insurance and repairs to the house? All of the expenses that go into keeping an organization running can add up, but they're necessary. This will help us continue to operate smoothly. 

Annually - $6,000

Monthly - $500