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Today is the day!

Hi everyone! Last night the team met up for our final stateside meeting and today we are gearing up and headed to Hartsfield-Jackson to head on to Haiti to serve Mission of Hope (mohhaiti.org)! Before we leave, we just wanted to say how thankful we are to each and every person who gave financially, prayed for us, and will be thinking about us as we head out this week! To keep up with everything we are doing please be sure to return here or follow us on Facebook, as our students will be updating the blog throughout the week! On behalf of the team: thank you, love you, and we will see you in 8 days!   --Big D & Addie--

day one: 500 Square feet of love

Aloha los adultos,

This is Jakob and Simon from da island. Our travel day went rather smooth until we hit that Haiti heat, but we are slowly adapting. We acquired our first impression of Haiti on the bus ride to the MOH compound on Wednesday. This morning (Thursday morning) we had the "pleasure" of waking up to an obnoxious call of a rooster. Worst thing we have ever heard. After a scrumptious breakfast consisting of strong Haitian coffee, powdered milk, and some delicious oatmeal, we received our "strategic village time" or SVT for short. SVT is a method for village elders to gather information about the people living in the villages. With our newly acquired training, we were ready to interact with the friendly locals. During SVT we encountered 3 different households... All of which had different life stories to tell. With the help of our chill translators, communication with the people was easy. Following our 2 hour SVT, we ate lunch at the beautiful North campus. As we were eating our egg and tuna salad, we were able to enjoy a scenic ocean view and a warm beach breeze. As a finale we had the opportunity to help with Kidz Klub. During Klub, we got to play with the most adorable kiddos we have ever seen. Even though their was a language barrier and we were crammed in a 500 square ft. cement building, we had a blast. And now, here we are, sitting on the roof at MOH writing this blog, watching girls struggling to put up their hammocks. 
Posè posè (chillin & relaxing),
Jakob and Simon

day two: three cords strands

Saqpasse Zanim (what's up friends)!!

This is Caroline B. and Faith! This morning we woke up to the wonderful smell of French toast and mango. After eating we were given a tour of the MOH campus. We learned about how they run the campus and take care of all of their children and students. They showed us the many ways they contribute to the Haitian economy: for example, we learned about the organization Three Cords, which only employs Haitians, provides prosthetics for Haitian amputees.  Next the buses picked us up and we headed to SVT time in Leveque where we met really cute children and some really impactful men and women. Later that day we went to lunch at the north MOH campus. There is a beautiful view of the beach that we can look at and a wonderful breeze that cools us down. And to finish the day off we rode the bus home and prepared for our lip sync battle tonight. Now we're headed of to dinner for some amazing food! Stay tuned for more pictures and posts! 

Au Revoir, 
Faith and Caroline

Day three: a little character

Hello from Haiti! Today, we got the opportunity to paint a house belonging to a villager we met. It was amazing to serve their family by giving their house some color and character. Their house had been so dull and it was awesome to see their faces when we finished. We painted as much as we could before lunch then touched it up after. Then we played with some of the village kids. They had so much energy and loved playing with us. It was awesome to see how happy they were with how little they had. We could see the Lord through their joy and we can learn so much from them. We can't wait for these next few days in Haiti!!!

Florida Georgia Line! (aka Lily and Courtney!)

day four: one body, many voices

Hola Familia!! 

Oh wait Virginia just reminded me (Caroline C) that was Spanish... whatever- it's been another great day here on the island. We started our fantabulous day with a very loud rooster. Enough said. The day only went uphill from there. Everyone made their way down through the MOH campus (named the Church of Hope) and was able to enjoy an incredible worship service. The super cool thing about this was that it was not only us Americans but all the Haitian church. Seeing two cultures unified like that while worshiping freely to the same God was so empowering and moving. The fact that us, all the way from America, and them who have lived here their whole lives could find common ground in the name of our God was insane! He is so big!! After a scrumptious lunch of pasta with chicken, we headed down to another branch (in the city of Berci) of MOH campus off shore of the beach. Our wonderful intern Allie walked us through and told the stories of how each building came to be and their plans for future establishments. It was inspiring to see how far one organization had come to impact the lives of so many Haitians and so many more in the future. We went on to play with a few more kids at another branch of campus in the village we were spending a lot of time in the past days , Leveque. All of this during which we were sweating profusely- whew knew you could sweat in so many places...- but still accompanied by a nice gust of wind which made it a little bit more bearable. As of right now we are waiting to eat a traditional Haitian meal made by village women prior to a closing American worship service. 

Thanks for caring about your kids!! 
Lots o love, 
Caroline C and Virginia

Day five: He saves the best for last!

Hey KLIFE Fam!

Sorry for the post coming out a day late, we had some technical difficulties, but we wanted to make sure we told you about our best day yet! N

Mondays are always bittersweet days at MOH for KLIFE, because it is our last full service day and it is also the day when we have a HUGE kids club!! So after a great breakfast, we headed out to Leveque to plant trees for 13 of the villagers. Each of these trees were some type of fruit tree (cherry or mango) thought would bear fruit even if they went through a dryer period in the year. As we went from house to house (we had a tree for each student to plant) something amazing happened; after we would plant the trees we would have a conversation with the owner of the little home about how we grow with the Lord. Many of the people agreed with us and actually turned around and encouraged us back, however at two of the homes the owners came to know Christ and accepted Jesus right there on the spot! Maybe we should be planting trees more often! After lunch we headed back to help run a kids club and let's just say this...ain't no party like a Haitian kids club party!!! We had about 125 kids show up for games, dances, skits, and to get a warm meal right at the end! Personally that's my (Big D) favorite part of this entire trip! Today, we head to the beach for a great meal and some rest and recovery. We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night!